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Cyan's Downsize

The Spokesman Review has an article by Tom Sowa about the downsizing at Cyan's QA business, CyanTest, and the cause.

From the article: Cyan Worlds lays off about 50 workers

Close to 50 workers who tested early versions of video games for other companies were laid off by Spokane-based Cyan Worlds recently, the company’s CEO said Tuesday.

Those workers tested beta versions of games by other game publishers. Last month, Cyan’s primary customer, Gamecock Media Group of Austin, Texas, was sold to another company.

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gamesindustry.biz article

GamesIndustry.biz has posted an article regarding the recent Austin Game Developers Conference panel, "The World that Players Wouldn't Let Die," which took place on Tuesday September 16th. In attendance at that panel: Rand Miller (Cyan), Blake Lewin (GameTap), Ron Meiners & Celia Pearce (Virtual Cultures), and Eleri Hamliton (well-known Uru community member).

The article provides some choice quotes from Rand Miller, including: Rand Miller wrote: "It’s frankly cheaper to build a treadmill than a national park. We were building a national park".

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MORE Status Report

Today saw a status report on the MORE restoration project with Chogon, of Cyan posting the update on the MOUL Forms. The details of this welcome update range from what has been done, to what is in hand, like the payment method and also what has to be completed before MORE goes online. Chogon also, briefly, touches on other Cyan related projects.

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Robyn Miller and original MYST Island Illustrator file

Robyn Miller has posted the original MYST Island image, in Adobe Illustrator format, to his website at tinselman.com

(This is one of the same documents revealed in 2005 in Robyn's blog posting "Myst Game Design Proposal, Part II", but now in a high-resolution scalable format.)

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Rand Miller interviewed about user created content + GameTap

A recent set of interviews conducted with staff at Cyan Worlds have revealed some more information about Cyan's stance on User Created Content.

The interviews,run by Tom Sowa at The Spokesman Review, revealed that Cyan wished to use fan content in some form to sustain Uru's future. However, this was limited by several legal and practical concerns.

It was clarified that Gametap did indeed hold the rights to MO:UL, and, if the situation did not change, would do so for another 2 years.

Ricardo Sanchez at Gametap, in another interview, said that GT and Cyan were currently in negotiations over the game, and that "selling the rights back to Cyan is definitely an option."

The discussion of user created content has been a hot topic in many Uru forums over the past few weeks, a fact which seems to have been a motivation behind these interviews.

Thanks to explorer JWPlatt for the tip-off

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